Performance Consulting

Personalized access to the best objective advice and assistance for your 911

Our objective is to provide top quality, un-biased technical assistance to help 911 owners improve overall performance. We also provide detailed assistance for troubleshooting technical problems as well as offer detailed guidance for those looking to buy their first Porsche!

We’ve been providing  technical consulting for over 44 years to our clients and now offer 1:1 consultations on a scheduled basis to anyone needing assistance and support.

Two programs are available for those who desire this type of assistance.

  1. Individual one-time Support Ticket. This service is billed at $250/hr (one hour minimum and ½ hour increments after that) which covers ONE problem on one car and good for five business days. This is very also useful for those seeking pre-purchase advice.
  2. Annual Support Plan. This an annual retainer for a defined number of hours each month for any 911 assistance. Fee’s will depend on whether it’s a street car or race car. Call for more information.

Please use this form to schedule your consultation and to arrange for one of the above plans. 

Our Technical Support  services provide detailed assistance diagnosing, troubleshooting, repairing and modifying 911’s in addition to helping people in the beginning stages of a potential car purchase.