Here is a list of parts available for purchase from Rennsport Systems. Get in touch at the links to the left for information or to purchase any of these parts.

Engine/Transmission Parts

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity AvailablePrice
PorscheGT-3 crankshaft (new). This is the one used to upgrade air-cooled motors.1$4500
PorscheComplete set of NOS 901 transmission bearings. This quality is NLA now1 set$1200/complete
Guard TransmissionG50 30:33 1.10 5th/6th gearset (new)1$1K
Porsche993 Intake valves (excellent used). This is an excellent upgrade for 964 cars!1 set of 6$100/set
Porsche'66-'67 911 Steel rocker arms, excellent used. These are the lightweight steel ones used until mid '68.1 set$800/set
WevoG50 Short shifter, black, new1$495
WevoG50 Short shifter, classic, new1$495
Porsche964 rear axle, complete, new1$400
WevoMotor mounts, rear, black pillows, new1 pr$250
RS996TT Aluminum blow-off valves, new1 pr$200/pr

Suspension Parts

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity AvailablePrice
Porsche993 Front side members (new)2$200/pr
H&R996TT Sport Springs (new)1 set$300
Tarett Engineering996/Boxster Front Camberplates (new)1 pr$350/pr
Wevo911 Camber King (new)1$400
Bilstein964 (late) rear HD shocks (new)1 pr$250/pr
Bilstein911 '73-'85 Sport Front inserts for Boge (new)1 pr$250/pr
Bilstein911 '85-'89 HD Front inserts for Boge (new)1 pr$250/pr
Bilstein914 (all) HD Rears (new)1 pr$250/pr
ERP993 Rear kinematic links (new)1 pr$400/pr
ERP993/964 Front Camberplates (new)1 pr$450/pr
Rothsport Racing993/964 Strut Brace (new)1$300
Porsche930 Tie-rod Kit, complete, new3$300/each kit
9M993RS-style front uprights (hub carriers) that cure bump steer issues 1pr$1000/pr
Porsche911 '69-'89 NOS Front hubs1 pr$900/pr
Porsche911 NOS Front aluminum hubs, new (NLA from Porsche)1 pr$1200/pr

Brake Parts

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity AvailablePrice
AP332x32mm AP J-hook Racing rotor/hat assemblies. (new) Fitment for 964 and 9932 pr$1400/pr
Porsche23mm 930 Master cylinder (for boosted brakes) (new)2$300
ATEType #200 Brake Fluid DOT49$90 for all
PagidRacing Brake Pads (new)Assorted RS-4-4 Orange, RS-29 Yellow, RS-14 BlackCall/email for price and availability
Porsche993RS Rear calipers (new)2 pr$1800/pr
Porsche930 Rear rotors (new)1 pr$300/pr