Brake Upgrades


6-piston Brembo M caliper

One of the most important improvements to any Porsche is improved braking performance. This can be accomplished by installing better Brake Pads, Racing Brake Fluid, Cooling Kits, Larger Calipers & Rotors and even Stainless Steel Brake lines. We offer various upgrades for all models from simple cooling and pad upgrades, to rotor/caliper replacements to complete racing brake systems for high-horsepower vehicles. Brakes MUST be configured and installed with compatible components so that the car’s braking balance isn’t disturbed. Front-to-rear brake bias can be adjusted by sizing the proper calipers and master cylinders as well as manual brake bias control. The biggest and best brakes will not work properly without adequate rotor cooling so we offer several brake cooling options.

Porsche High Performance Brake Systems

Porsche Brakes have set the standard by which all other manufacturers have been compared since 1964 when they started installing ATE disc brakes on the 356C. Today, the 993 TT & 997 GT-3 brakes are the benchmarks of brake performance for the rest of the world. To that end, we have several options for increasing the braking power of your 911/930, 964, 993, 996, 997 and Boxster models. Brake improvements consist of upgrading 5 major items: Calipers, Rotors, Pads, Fluid, and Cooling. Rennsport Systems offers several levels of brake upgrades from simple caliper replacements to full 4-wheel systems incorporating larger rotors and calipers. We also have high-performance brake pads from Pagid, Brembo, & Mintex. A major part of any brake upgrade is using the proper brake fluid and additional cooling for the rotors and calipers. We use and recommend and sell Motul Racing Brake Fluid, ATE Super Blue, and Castrol SRF . The wet boiling temperature is very important for climates that see a lot of moisture, or for Porsche owners that change brake fluid infrequently. The higher the wet boiling temperature, the less moisture will be absorbed by the fluid. Moisture causes corrosion inside the caliper and contributes to sudden brake failure by lowering the temperature at which the fluid will boil. You can read more technical information about Porsche Brakes on the “Lets Talk” page:

Brake Cooling for 911’s Here is the superb Brake Cooling kit made by AJ/USA for 911’s 69-89. Together with the inner air block-off plates, this makes a significant difference in the performance of these brakes. This is a very effective solution for cooling the brakes found on the 69-89 911’s, and 930 through Carrera braking systems.




Brake Upgrades

These kits use various Brembo Calipers and Rotors. Used by many Formula 1 teams, ALMS teams, and most Porsche racers, Brembo Racing Brake components are among the finest brake systems available anywhere in the world. Some of these rotors are drilled however, so please remember that all cross-drilled rotors can develop cracks, sooner or later. Gas-slotted rotors are much more durable with a small increase in weight over its cross-drilled equivalent. This list is just a sample of the Brake Upgrades that we have available.

Here are just a few of our Brake kits:

930 brake kit for 911

930 Turbo Brakes for all 911’s 1969 – 1989 930 Turbo: Front: Factory 930 calipers (new, or perfect used ones) with custom front 306mm x 32mm rotor/hat assemblies and 309mm x 28mm OEM rear rotors, all mounting bolts, factory front spacers & lock washers, custom rear spcers & lock washers, short front and rear brake lines, OEM street pads, Ate Type #200 gold brake fluid, 23mm master cylinder. Some cars may need 3mm or 6mm wheel spacers for caliper clearance if the outer fins are left intact and we do carry those.