Chassis Stiffening Bars

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Chassis Stiffening Bars

These bars, installed between the strut towers minimize the flex in the front part of the chassis by connecting the front shock towers together. This increases the steering “feel” and reduces camber loss at the tires due to the tower being spread apart.

Elephant strut brace

Using modern ultra high-performance or DOT-spec tires requires the installation of a front strut tower brace to gain the full benefit of these tires’ grip and directional control. This will insure that all steering inputs are directly communicated to the tire contact patches without the delay caused by chassis flex. These effects are noticeable on the street and on the race track depending upon tire choice and driving style. Monoball inserts are also available to replace the factory rubber bushings at the tops of the strut bushings. Adding Camberplates offers more adjustment range for DOT-R spec tires or slicks.

Wevo Camber King

Rennsport Systems offers several Strut Tower Brace options from Elephant Racing, Wevo,