Shop Services

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Shop Services

Rennsport Systems offers a wide range of shop services that include:


Cylinder head rebuilding and CNC head flow enhancements. Twin-plugging is also available as well as machining heads for MFI injectors.


Rocker arm reconditioning & rebushing.


Connecting rod reconditioning; resize big ends and rebush small ends as needed.


Custom JE & CP piston sets made to our specification for improved leakdowns, better oil control, longer life, and quieter running.


Bore engine case for larger pistons & cylinders.


Boattailing and relieving for improved windage.


Crankshaft cross-drilling for improved rod bearing oil volume.


Rebuild 3.6 dual-distributors with new belt. We also repack the bearings and replace them if needed since we are the only shop in the US with new bearings!


There are other machining  services we can do so please call us with your needs.