911 Suspension and Handling Packages

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911 Suspension and Handling Packages

-911- (1966-1989) and 930 (1976-1989)

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Below is a thorough treatment of all the kinds of suspension you can use to upgrade the performance of your 911.

Shock Absorbers (dampers)

We offer several options for 911 & 930 cars depending on how the car is used.
  • Bilstein HD struts (or inserts)
  • Bilstein HD rear shocks
  • Bilstein Sport struts (or inserts)
  • Bilstein Sport rear shocks
  • Bilstein RSR raised-spindle struts with custom valving
  • Bilstein RSR rear shocks with custom valving
  • Motion Control Suspension 14-way, remote reservior double-adjustable and triple-adjustables
  • JRZ RS double-adjustable, 7-way bump and 14-way rebound struts & shocks
  • JRZ Motorsport double-adjustable, remote reserviour, 14- way bump and 14-way rebound struts and shocks
We also offer custom-valving service for all Bilsteins.

Torsion Bars

We use Sander Engineering tubular torsion bars for all street performance and track applications. These are available in a variety of sizes to suit each car’s weight, wheel/tire configuration, and how the car is used.

  • Front options include 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, and 24mm
  • Rear options include 26mm, 27mm, 28mm, 29mm, 30mm, 31mm, 32mm, and 33mm

Adjustable Swaybars

We use & recomemend Smart Racing’s adjustable bars for most street and track applications as well as Tarett Engineering’s RSR-style bars (23mm only) for early and mid-year 911’s.
Bar kits are available in 20mm, 23mm, 27mm, and 31mm. These are complete with bars, adjustable arms, adjustable droplinks, bushings, and mounts


911’s are very sensitive to bushing quality and fitment so when the OEM ones degrade over time, ride quality as well as handling suffers accordingly. Options are:
  • ER OEM-style rubber, (insert pic)
  • ER Poly-Bronze; (insert pic)
Both bushing options work very well in their individual applications. ER rubber bushings are installed into the front A-arms and rear spring plates to restore factory ride quality & handling. We usually install new OEM swaybar bushings at the same time. Poly-Bronze ones are used for high-performance and track use. These have zerk fittings to allow regular lubrication.

930 Turbo tie-rod kit

The Turbo tie-rod kit eliminates the flex found in the stock tie-rods by replacing the inner rubber coupling with a spherical end. The kit is complete with 930 tie-rods, new rubber boots, and limiter spacers. This is an excellent upgrade for all 911’s from 1969 to 1989. A front alignment will be necessary after installation.

Bump Steer kits

The best-handling 911’s have a great deal of time invested in fine-tuning the bump steer as this is one of the most important “secrets” in making the 911/930 handle well and makes the car feel a little less “nervous” going down the road. There are two options: one is a simply spacer kit installed under the steering rack that helps correct the bump steer characteristics of a 911/930 when the car has been lowered from the factory ride height setting. The other is an adjustable one that allows the owner to adjust and fine-tune the bumpsteer when the car is lowered below Euro ride height such as track and race cars. This is also used on cars with raised spindles.

Adjustable Spring plates

These items make it much easier to make precise cornerweight and ride height changes. Having the correct corner weight, ride height and rake on a 911/930 is the other “secret” to a superior handling car. These spring plates come with ER’s Poly-Bronze at the pivots to help minimize unwanted toe-changes caused by the deflection in the stock rubber bushings that contribute to trailing-throttle oversteer. Installing this kit gives you total control of rear height and corner weight with a 1/4″ Allen wrench.

Bilstein Strut modifications

Rennsport Systems also offers a custom modification to your Bilstein struts to RSR specification. This consists of raising the spindle to restore lost travel and reshaping the steering arms to minimize bump steer. Additionally, this raises the front roll center where it belongs to reduce body roll and maintain the proper relationship between front and rear roll centers.

Recommended 911 Suspension Packages

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