Performance Consulting

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Get access to the best personal advice for your Porsche.

In an effort to help everyone get the most from their Porsche investment, Rennsport has developed a program to help everyone access the best in 1:1 tech support.

We’ve been offering tech consulting for over 35 years to our major clients, and we will continue to provide unlimited tech support to our customers. Since not everyone is ready for that level of commitment, we’re now able to offer 1:1 consultations by phone on a scheduled basis to everyone with our new plans as outlined below. Please discuss this with Rennsport staff as you book a consultation.

Two programs are available for those who desire this type of assistance over the phone.

  1. Individual one-time Support Ticket. This service is billed at $200/hr and covers ONE problem on one car and good for five business days.
  2. Annual Support Plan. This an annual retainer for a defined number of hours each month for any 911 assistance. Fee’s will depend on whether its a street car or race car. Call for more information.

Please use this form to schedule your consultation and to arrange for one of the above plans. 


A word about our Technical Support; in other words assistance with diagnosing, troubleshooting, repairing and modifying 911’s. This doesn’t apply to requests for product information and sales information.

While our clients receive full tech support as an integral part of customer service, we endeavor to provide this service on a best-effort, as-available basis via our Forums & e-mail to others. Currently, telephone assistance has become more costly due to time constraints and the large volume of requests for help. Feel free to check the Forum if you’re not ready for Priority 1:1 assistance.