Brake Upgrades

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6-piston Brembo M caliper

One of the most important improvements to any Porsche is improved braking performance. This can be accomplished by installing better Brake Pads, Racing Brake Fluid, Cooling Kits, Larger Calipers & Rotors and even Stainless Steel Brake lines. We offer various upgrades for all models from simple cooling and pad upgrades, to rotor/caliper replacements to complete racing brake systems for high-horsepower vehicles. Brakes MUST be configured and installed with compatible components so that the car’s braking balance isn’t disturbed. Front-to-rear brake bias can be adjusted by sizing the proper calipers and master cylinders as well as manual brake bias control. The biggest and best brakes will not work properly without adequate rotor cooling so we offer several brake cooling options.

Porsche High Performance Brake Systems

Porsche Brakes have set the standard by which all other manufacturers have been compared since 1964 when they started installing ATE disc brakes on the 356C. Today, the 993 TT & 997 GT-3 brakes are the benchmarks of brake performance for the rest of the world. To that end, we have several options for increasing the braking power of your 911/930, 964, 993, 996, 997 and Boxster models.

Brake improvements consist of upgrading 5 major items: Calipers, Rotors, Pads, Fluid, and Cooling. Rennsport Systems offers several levels of brake upgrades from simple caliper replacements to full 4-wheel systems incorporating larger rotors and calipers. We also have high-performance brake pads from Pagid, Brembo, & Mintex. A major part of any brake upgrade is using the proper brake fluid and additional cooling for the rotors and calipers. We use and recommend and sell Motul Racing Brake Fluid, ATE Super Blue, and Castrol SRF . The wet boiling temperature is very important for climates that see a lot of moisture, or for Porsche owners that change brake fluid infrequently. The higher the wet boiling temperature, the less moisture will be absorbed by the fluid. Moisture causes corrosion inside the caliper and contributes to sudden brake failure by lowering the temperature at which the fluid will boil. You can read more technical information about Porsche Brakes on the “Lets Talk: Brakes” page

911/930 brake cooling kit

Brake Cooling for 911′s

Here is the superb Brake Cooling kit made by AJ/USA for 911′s 69-89. Together with the inner air block-off plates, this makes a significant difference in the performance of these brakes.

This is a very effective solution for cooling the brakes found on the 69-89 911′s, and 930 through Carrera braking systems.

Brake Upgrades

These kits use various Brembo Calipers and Rotors. Used by many Formula 1 teams, ALMS teams, and most Porsche racers, Brembo Racing Brake components are among the finest brake systems available anywhere in the world. Some of these rotors are drilled however, so please remember that all cross-drilled rotors can develop cracks, sooner or later. Gas-slotted rotors are much more durable with a small increase in weight over its cross-drilled equivalent.

This list is just a sample of the Brake Upgrades that we have available.

930 brake kit for 911

930 Turbo Brakes for all 911′s 1969 – 1989 930 Turbo:

Front: Factory 930 calipers (used/perfect or new, when available) with custom front Brembo 305mm rotor/hat assembly, all mounting hardware, short lines & spacers.

Rear: Factory 930 calipers (used-perfect) machined to fit, OEM 309x28mm rotors, mounting hardware, and custom short lines. The required 23mm MC and ATE Super Blue fluid is included. Pads are extra with choice of  Mintex or various Pagid street & racing pads. (these are the biggest brakes that fit inside a 15″ Fuchs wheels). Contact us for availability.

Brembo GTP Brakes for ’69 to ’89 911 – ’76 & ’77 Turbo – ’78 to ’89 Turbo

GTP Front brake kit

Front: Brembo’s new GTP line of Porsche Performance Braking Upgrades features a variety of improvements over the ubiquitous “Big Reds”. Available in front or rear kits for 1969 – 1989 911 and 930 Turbo vehicles, the GTP system includes all mounting hardware, stainless steel braided brake lines, high performance brake pads and the following components: Brembo High Performance Aluminum 4 Piston fixed Calipers – This caliper offers dramatic increases in both stopping power and pedal feel over the stock Porsche calipers, even the “Big Red” calipers that have become so popular. The Brembo calipers are both lighter and of higher rigidity than Big Reds, the decreased weight means better handling through less unsprung mass while the increased rigidity allows both higher clamping force andconsistent pedal response.

GTP Rear brake kit

Rear: 12.7″ (323mmx28mm front & 309x28mm rear) Brembo cross-drilled and vented performance rotors – The front rotor is a one-piece unit and the rear rotor is of the single piece design that retains proper functioning of the stock parking brake mechanism. The nearly 13″ diameter of the discs contribute to the overall stopping power of the system by increasing the available brake torque. Brembo engineered mounting Brackets – Manufactured to exacting specifications by Brembo, these high grade, billet aluminum brackets position the Brembo calipers in the optimum position to maximize the caliper/rotor package.

Brembo Brake Upgrade Systems

The Brembo GTP Brake Systems for the 911, 911S, 911SC, 911 Carrera and 930 Turbo are available now. Available in Black, Red or Silver these systems offer significantly increased performance. Call us for current pricing.

  • Increased Performance and Improved Balance
  • Complete, Ready to Install kits
  • Brembo Engineered and Manufactured
  • Improved Brake Torque and Modulation with High Performance Brembo Calipers
  • Allows for Full Coverage, Fully Functioning, Parking Brake
  • High Performance Pads, Stainless Brake Lines and all Hardware Included
  • 23mm MC and ATE Super Blue brake fluid included

Brembo GT Brakes for 911 & 930, 964 and 993, plus all 996 & 997

Brembo GT 355mm front brakes

Front and Rear: 355mmx28mm rear two-piece rotors with 993 RS calipers and pads. Must use 18″ wheels. These are 2-3 lbs/wheel lighter than Big Reds.

This kit is comprised of either F50 or monobloc calipers with 355mm or 380mm full-floating front rotors and 345mm or 355mm rear rotors, and Brembo HP pads.

We have special variants for 993 & 993TT’s.  Stock MC works fine for these kits. ATE Super Blue or Motul RBF 600 fluid is included.

This makes a major improvement in brake bias.

Specific Model Applications

Big Red Twin-Turbo Brakes (993-964)

993TT front brakes

Front: 993TT front Calipers with OEM 322x32mm rotors, all mounting hardware, short lines, OEM pads.

Rear: TT or Carrera RS (993) calipers with OEM 317x28mm or 322x28mm rear rotors. OEM pads and ATE Super Blue included. Stock MC will work OK on 993′s,

964 C2/C4 & RS America (964)

Big Red Twin-Turbo brakes: TT front Calipers with 322mm rotors and OEM pads. Rear: 3.6 Turbo Calipers with Brembo 317x28mm rotors and pads. (Must use 17″ Cup or larger modular wheels).

’91-’93 C2 3.3 litre Turbo (965)

Front: Brembo GT Brakes: F-50 Calipers with full-floating 355mmx32mm cross-drilled rotors and pads.

Rear: 993 RS calipers with 355mmx28mm two-piece rear rotors with pads. ATE Super Blue fluid is included. These are lighter than Big Reds by 2-3 lbs/wheel. Must use 18″ wheels. You can also use stock Porsche Calipers with custom AP racing cross-drilled, full-floating 13″ rotors and hats to save 3 lbs per side of unsprung weight compared to stock rotors.

’96-’97 993 Twin Turbo upgrades

Brembo 355mm GT front brakes

Front: Brembo GT F50 calipers with Brembo 355mm full-floating 2-piece rotors and Brembo pads.

Rear: Matching Carrera RS calipers and 355mm 2-piece rotors and OEM pads. Stock MC works fine. ATE Super Blue fluid is included. This makes a major improvement in brake bias.  This kit is 2-3 lbs/wheel lighter than Big Red TT brakes!

996 – 996 TT – GT-3 / 997-997 TT- GT-3 – GT-2

We have various Twin-Turbo/GT-2 & GT-3 rotor upgrades as well as direct replacements for the troublesome PCCB rotors from both AP & Brembo. Call Rennsport Systems for details.

All Brake kits include:

  •  New Calipers in Red or Black (except 930 kits).
  •  New Rotors with hats, fully assembled and torqued, ready for installation.
  •  Custom billet, anodized, caliper adapters (except 930 kits) with all necessary hardware.
  •  1 liter of Brake Fluid (ATE Super Blue or Motul RBF 600).
  •  Stainless Steel lines to the calipers.
  •  A 23mm Master Cylinder (manual or boosted on 930 kits)

Brake Pads

We carry Pagid racing and street pads as well as Mintex street pads. Sizes listed below are available in these compounds. Call for current pricing.

Orange (RS-4-4)  Medium friction racing compound with high average friction. Rotor friendly with predictable brake torque. Fade resistant to 1050F (560C), Excellent production car compound with RS-14 rear pads for experienced drivers.

Blue (RS-5)  Medium friction ceramic racing compound with high initial bite and the flattest torque curve of all Pagid race pads. Excellent modulation characteristic and controllability. Very good for preventing tire lock-ups & flat-spotting. Fade resistant to 1200F (650C).

Black (RS-14)  Medium-high friction racing compound with high initial bite and excellent release characteristics. Very good modulation (controllability) and due to high ceramic content, low heat conductivity. Low wear rate and fade resistant to 1200F (650C).

Grey (RS-15)   High friction compound with high ceramic content. It combines a 20% higher friction value than RS-14 with slightly increased pad wear. These are good on cars without power-assisted brakes when lighter pedal efforts is required. Fade resistant to 1300F (700C).

Yellow (RS-19/RS-29)  Endurance racing compound that works well in boosted and non-boosted systems. Low wear rates on pads & rotors with excellent controllability. Fade resistant to 1100F ( 600C). Most popular pads for 911′s and works exceptionally well with RS-14 rear pads for experienced drivers. RS-29 has a little higher bite than RS-19.

Sport (RS-4-2-1) (street use)  High performance street pads with excellent cold friction. Rotor friendly and suitable for light track use, too. Most have anti-noise shims.

Model Front Pads Rear Pads
911S ’69-’75, 2.7 RS and ’76-’77 Turbo Carrera 4503 4304
911SC and Carrera 3.2 4501 4304
930 Turbo 3.3 1203 1203
959 1842 1842
964 C4 ’89-’94 1203 1203
964 C2 ’89-’91 1203 1580
964 C2 ’92-’94 1203 1203
964 C2 Turbo 1842 1203
964 Turbo 3.6 1842 1203
964 RS 1204 1203
993 C2/C4 1204 1203
993 C2S 1204 1203
993 C4S 1842 1204
993 Twin-Turbo 1842 1204
993 RS 1842 1204
993 RSR 3.8 1842 1204
993 RSR w/endurance brakes 1908 1204
996 3.4 & 3.6 2405 2406
996 GT-3 ’99-’01 and Twin-Turbo 2474 2405
996 GT-3 ’02-’05 2707 2405
996 GT-2 2707 2405
996 GT-3 Cup 2707 2405
996 GT-R & GT-3 RS 1908 1674
997 C2/C4 2405 2406
997.1 3.8 C2S & C4S 2474 2405
997.2 C2/C4 8074 8006
997.2 3.8 C2S & C4S 2474 8006
997 Turbo 2707 8006
997 GT-3 and GT-3 RS 2707 8006
997 GT-3 Cup 8004 8006
997 GT-3 Cup S 8038 8037
997 GT-3 RSR 2488 1674
986 Boxster 2407 2406
986 Boxster S 3.2 2405 2406
987 Boxster 2407 2406
987 Boxster S 3.2 2405 2406
Cayman 2407 2406
Cayman S 2405 2406
Brembo GTP (old) 1287 1408
Brembo GTP (new) 1408 1408


Brake fluid

These are the brake fluids we stock & recommend for street & track use

  • Ate Super Blue and Ate Type #200 (gold)
  • Motul 600 RBF
  • Castrol SRF

Rennsport Systems has a lot more kits for racing applications. Orders for custom brake kits are accepted but please remember that the prices will vary and a reasonable lead time is required.

Brake Performance Tips

Brake Performance increases from the various upgrades is dependent upon rotor diameter, thickness, caliper piston size, and brake pad area.

The latter may be used to make a rough estimation of brake performance. 930 Turbo Pads are almost twice as large as Carrera Pads.

928 S4-type Pads are approximately 45% larger than 930 Pads. Big Red/Turbo 3.6/C2 RSR Pads are approximately 100% larger than the 930 Pads.

Don’t forget to check out the “Let’s Talk: Brakes” page for even more information